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What should you pay attention to when the webbing continuous dyeing machine is working?
First of all, we must pay attention to the fact that for the automatic ribbon continuous dyeing machine, it is, in fact, an efficient webbing dyeing machine. In view of this, we should pay attention to this or that problem when we use the continuous dyeing machine.

For the continuous dyeing machine of the webbing, when we first use it, we must pay attention to ensure that the pressure of the cylinders at both ends of the dyeing tank (dyeing cylinder) is uniform. Next, we must pay attention to it. In fact, it means that the continuous dyeing machine of the webbing is actually a pressurized mode. When the pressure at the two ends is not the same, in a big way, it will actually cause different coloring strength. Then, we will notice that it will lead to errors in the results.

Then, we need to pay attention, in fact, it will include the pressure of the dyeing roller and its concentricity and hardness. In terms of these aspects, we will actually notice that it can actually be dyed. In order to control, if we need its error as small as possible, in fact, in summary, it should be directly controlled at 0. 2MPa or more.

When the dyeing machine is working, we actually notice that its rolls are more prone to wear. In this case, we should pay attention to the fact that the rolls should be regularly tested and repaired. Otherwise, it will be easier because of the difference in the color of the rolls.

When the continuous dyeing machine of the webbing is working, it should be noted that the requirements on the rolls of different hardness are actually different. When it is hard, it will lead to insufficient absorption dye. However, How much hardness is appropriate, in fact, it should be decided according to the actual situation.
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